The Belt and Road Initiative Appears on Silent Islands in Indonesia —- The Most Beautiful Crane of XCMG at Equator

After over three year’s development, the Belt and Road has changed from China’s initiative to an international consensus, acquiring a number of important achievements. Meanwhile, the Bonus of the Belt and Road Initiative also brings forth precious opportunity of development for China’s construction machinery industry. 



Kabaena Island of Indonesia showcases people with coconut palms, gentle sea wind and dancing clouds under the blue sky. With abundant resources of minerals, this magic land begins to demonstrate brand-new vitality and awaken the long-sleeping Kabaena under China’s Belt and Road Initiative. 



Recently, four QY25K5-I truck cranes of XCMG have carried out cooperative hoisting of grid body in Kabaena Island of Indonesia.



The project is under two-period construction. The first period of two manufacturing lines has come into concluding phase, and the second period, which is under construction at present, includes eight manufacturing lines. The grid body under hoisting, featuring 15t in weight and 20m in height, requires joint operation by four machines. It is undoubtedly a test of crane’s performance, and construction company had chosen XCMG QY25K5-I to accomplish this task.


As a truck crane model with the largest ownership globally, XCMG QY25K5-I truck crane has accomplished many international construction projects in nearly 20 years. The steady and highly-effective lifting, slewing, luffing and excellent lift performance have earned compliment from customers and operators. 

Post time: Aug-28-2017