Horizontal directional driller-XZ180

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1.The dual-speed carriage is operated with low speed when drilling and dragging back to ensure smooth construction ,and can speed up to slide with 2 times of speed to reduce the auxiliary time and improve the working efficiency when returning and disassembling the drilling rod with empty loads.

2.Rubber track: with minimum impact on the pedestrian way, lawn and landscape.

3.The floating clamp with patent technology can effectively prolong the service life of the pipe.

4.Rotatable Operator’s station, enlarge the field of the operators’ view and relieve their fatigue.

5.Automatic pipe loader can increase work efficiency, reduce work strength, reduce the number of construction staff. 

6.The down and the up of the anchor is driven by hydraulics. The anchor is great in force and is easy and convenient to operate .

7.Engine cover is reasonable design ,it is simple and convenient when the engine and hydraulic system need to maintain and replace the filter .


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