FH Machine History

The pacesetter walked arduously but steadily against all odds with his self-reliance, courage, and wisdom. 

FHZN has shouldered the mission of leading the rapid development of the industrial machinery industry.

In 2005, FHZN’s KAT was established, set High Horsepower tractor as main product. The first model of the Tractor is the KAT904.


In 2007, KAT have new model of KAT1104, KAT1204, KAT1404, KAT1604. Sell 90 units of KAT1304 in one order, the customer is Tobacco company of Heilongjiang Province


In 2006, KAT tractor applies for the National Patent for invention. Same year, the second model of KAT 1304

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In 2008, KAT accomplish its product line from 110hp to 280hp.

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In 2009, KAT sale volume exceeds USD 20,000,000, and started the international market.

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In 2010, KAT Move into new factory, covering 200 acres.

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In 2011, Export 260 units KAT2804 to Venezuela, biggest export order for such big tractor in China history; meanwhile, exported 40 units of KAT1804 to the Russia.

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Also In 2011, we exported over 100 units to the Sugar factory in Jamaica, Benin, Togo, etc.

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Until now, for the Tractor machine, we totally have over 260 workers. And the factory covers 130,000 square meters. Annual production capacity is 2000 units’ tractor (over 130hp). Annual sales volume is USD 50,000,000. Meanwhile, we are also the Editorial board member of China Tractor Standard Committee and take in charge of establishing the China tractor standard over 130kW. Finally, what we proud are the biggest tractor of 435hp in China market is from our company.