Bearing lubrication is an essential element of bearing selection. Proper lubricant can reduce friction, prevent bearing wear, protect bearing surfaces from corrosion, and carry away excess heat from bearing operation.

After installing is finished, enough lubricating grease should be poured into the slewing bearing. Small quantity of No.2 lithium base lubricating grease has been poured into the rolling track before the slewing bearing is delivered, users must pour new lubricating grease again while using according to different environments for use.

Lubricating grease should be added regularly to the slewing bearing. Add once for every 100 hours in operation for ball type slewing bearing; while for roller type slewing bearing, it should be added once for every 50 hours in operation. For special working environments such as tropical areas, dusty areas and places where the temperature is very different or it works continuously, lubricating cycles should be shortened. New lubricating grease must be added adequately for a machine before and after being long-term out of use, and each time it must be filled fully when pouring lubricating grease, until it leaks from sealing place. The slewing bearing must be rotated evenly when pouring lubricating grease, so as to make it be packed evenly.

This is a sample of the most popular oils and greases for miniature and instrument ball bearing. If you require a lubricant that is not listed here, please contact us though FHIT Bearing maintains an extensive inventory of other popular lubricant options.