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• Originally imported Germany Hawe solenoid valve (main control valve), proportional valve, and proportional handle.
• Electro-hydraulic proportional control, stepless speed regulation, and superior operational performance.
• The turntable and work platform can work together, and both the operation can achieve remote control of the engine.
• The internally mounted leveling system ensures that the work platform always keeps level.
• The horizontal and vertical extension and withdrawal of the four outriggers can be independently controlled, featuring good adaptability.
• There is elevation angle limit device for the upper arm, which can avoid danger.
• The interlock between the superstructure and undercarriage and the soft outrigger protection function ensure safe operation.
• When the horizontal outriggers are not extended,  the slewing of the work arm is limited, while it can still be lifted or lowered, which ensures safety and improves efficiency.
• The emergency pump is available.
• The electronic timer can add up the work time for timely maintenance.
• The imported key parts has high reliability, good performance and long service life.
• The synchronic telescopic arm structure has high work efficiency and wide work range.
• The multifunction integrated handle is very convenient, smooth and comfortable to operate.
• The PLC control has superior safety performance like automatic amplitude limit and danger alarm function.
• The special energy-saving design ensures that the engine is automatically adjusted to ideal speed during engine idling.
• The interlock between the superstructure and undercarriage can effectively avoid misoperation, which is safe and reliable.
• The large outrigger span features good stability, and the outriggers can be operated simultaneously or independently, which can be applicable to various kinds of work conditions.
• The emergency power unit can effectively cope with unexpected failures.
• The work platform is mounted at the rear part, which is convenient to enter or exit the cab; and it also reduces the gravity of the whole machine and improves travel performance.
• The work platform can slewing ±90°, which is convenient for the aerial work.
• Convenient one button extension/withdrawal function.


Vehicle Model XZJ5060JGK
Max Operating Height 17.3m
Max Operating Radius 8.3m
Rated Load of Platform 200Kg
Slewing Angle ±360°
Max Operating Radius on Maximum Operating Height 2.7m
Max Operating Height on Maximum Operating Radius 9.6m
Max Lifting Capacity 2000Kg
Max Lifting Height 9.2m
Dimension in Driving( L × W × H) 7660×2000×2920(mm)
Chassis Model JX1060TSG23
Engine Model JX493ZLQ3
Engine Power 85kw
Passengers 2+3


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